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This site is dedicated to the McNatty family name. Whether your interest is historical, genealogical or as a member or spouse of this distinctly unique family 'tis no matter . This name is evident in the records of no less countries than Scotland, Ireland, England, USA, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand (and perhaps more).

If you are a McNatty, partnered to a McNatty, or know a McNatty, or know a story or three you are welcome to join us here.


My name is Bill McNatty and am coordinating the development of this site (and yes the mug shot is me). This page is under constant development. Some links may be dead but these should be remedied in the very near future

Many thanks must go to my father's younger brother, Frank McNatty of Blenheim NZ for  stirring my interest and also to  Alec Glover of Dunedin & Bruce Cavanagh of Gore in Southland NZ who have shared much of their enthusiasm and research data.

In 2010 Margaret Earwaker completed some amazing research on the decendancy lines from James McNatty and Elizabeth Pay. It has taken many months to include this material on the website (now Jan 2011)

Don McNatty in California indicated that the McNatty surname is very rare in U.S.A., with only one family originating from New York State. He has traced his lineage back to Girvan with family memories indicating north coast of Ireland

My understanding is that all of the people who carry the McNatty name (apart from marriage and adoption) in New Zealand  are descendants  of two brothers James and Thom(p)son McNatty who migrated to Invercargill, Southland  in 1864 from Girvan, Ayrshire Scotland. An elder brother Samuel followed a few years later but he and his wife Elizabeth died childless.

The death certificates of the three brothers indicate they were born in County Down, Northern Ireland but no record of birth has been found as of March 2005

April 2004 research indicates that Jane McNatty elder sister of James,Thomson and Samuel settled in Stannard, Caledonia, Vermont USA with her husband James McDowell and mother Jane McNatty. The name McDowell is recorded as McDarral in Girvan records, and McDowall, McDowell and McDole in US documents. Jane McNatty (elder) is listed as living in the household with a Richard McDowell in the 1888 Stannard, Caledonia, VT Business Directory.

Information from Vermont Oct 2005 confirms McDowall and Willey descendancy lines (refer current research)

I am also currently investigating a possibility that the name McNatty as showing in the 1861 Girvan, Ayrshire census is a derivation of McNaughton or McNachten

View the McNatty family tree descended from James McNatty and Jane Morrison. There are many ommissions - none of them deliberate I assure you

Every once in while something happens that makes this research worthwhile. Click here to read

I apologise in advance for any errors or ommissions. Please contact me with the information and I will make the necessary corrections. Should you not wish your family details to be posted on this site please contact me and I will remove the record

A little more research and I found this note from a text by Michael Fairness pub 1904 The Road Mender.

“ I have attained my ideal, I am a roadmender, some say a stonebreaker.
Both titles are correct, but one is more pregnant than the other. All
day I sit by the roadside on a stretch of grass under a high hedge of
saplings and a tangle of traveller's joy, woodbine sweetbriar, and late


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